1. Okrah provides up-to-date information for the senior living, senior care, and senior lifestyle industries. We provide both educational and entertainment media.

  1. Okrah is a industry specific resource dedicated to the education and entertainment of the senior living, senior care, and senior lifestyle communities. Our content is centered around senior adults and their caregivers.

  1. Yes, we do!

es! We can be viewed in any market with a high speed internet connection!

  1. In addition to the unlimited FREE educational videos, a Premium subscription includes a curated catalog of feature length documentaries and entertainment/infotainment episodes not available on the free service. It will eventually include access to live streams and events. You can access these videos from the videos link on the menu. 

  1. Yes! Currently Okrah is only viewable via a web browser, we recommend the latest Chrome for the best viewing experience. However, we are currently developing direct streaming apps for the most popular streaming media platforms!

New FREE videos are released weekly. Premium content will be released upon completion of production and will be announced accordingly.

Yes we do!!!!!!!!!!